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Ads from the U.K. government, charities and multinational corporations have been running ahead of jihadi recruitment videos on sites like YouTube(s goog) and Dailymotion, a BBC investigation has revealed. That may mean the likes of.

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While pirating music may more than likely never be completely obliterated, copying songs from YouTube will be. After a year-long battle with various record labels, popular audio-ripping site Youtube. their video streams weren’t counted.

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YouTube plans to introduce a slew of products Monday that attempt to help with ad targeting, measuring success and making hundreds or thousands of different creative exectutions from one source of video. The company, part of.

YouTube is to launch a dedicated site and app for gaming in an attempt to take on Amazon. gaming has spawned entirely new genres of videos, from let’s plays, walkthroughs, and speedruns to cooking and music videos. Now, it’s.

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But, somehow, YouTube’s original destiny, to be the best video dating website in all of the land, is rarely mentioned. It’s been "rumored" and passed off as fact in one-liners in books, but Karim spoke at length about YouTube’s origin story.

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YouTube holds a rich trove of videos that could be used in the classroom, but it’s challenging to transform videos into a truly interactive part of a lesson. So the nonprofit group TED has unveiled a new Web site that it hopes will solve this.

The first episode, published Monday on YouTube, had more than 65,000 views.