Seo You Kyoung

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Oct 14, 2016. On October 15, FNC Entertainment posted a statement on AOA's official fan cafe to inform fans that Youkyung is no longer with FNC Entertainment. The agency stated, “We are informing you of AOA's drummer Youkyung's contract finishing with FNC. After an adequate period of time and discussion this.

Youkyung (Seo You Kyung)” is a South Korean singer and drummer. She is also a member of girl group AOA under FNC Entertainment. Before AOA she was the drummer of disbanded co-ed band Sponge Band.

Oct 26, 2013. She stated that she left for personal reasons but she assured fans she wouldn't leave the entertainment industry. Later on in 2012, she debuted as a member of AOA. ♫ PROFILE ♫. Stage Name: (유경) Youkyung. Angel Name: (와이) Y "Half- Angel". Real Name: (서유경) Seo You Kyung. Position: Drummer.

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You Kyoung. 1.9K likes. Stage Name: Youkyung Birth Name: Son You Kyung Angel Name: Y Birthday: March 15, 1993 Position: Drummer Height: 167 cm Weight: 48 kg.

Birth Name: Seo You Kyoung. Angel Name: Youkyoung. Stage Name: Y (Half Angel). Position: Drummer. Date of Birth: March 15, 1993. Facts: She was the former drummer of Sponge Band. She played the drums since she was in seventh grade. AOA Profiles (updated). Choa (Park Choa); 6th March 1990; 160cm; 42kg;.

Jun 17, 2015. [+31, -1] Who didn't expect this [sexy concept]? No one even looked their way when they were a band but as soon as they took their clothes off and started dancing, people started noticing immediately. Would you want to go back to playing your guitar after that experience? [+30, -2] No one cared about AOA.

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Youkyung. Seo youkyung. Y. Drummer. #성심당 #튀김소보로 랑 #부추빵은 안산다! #훠궈#파티#먹스타그램#먹방 드뎌 대전이다! 내일은 폭풍먹방을 할테니 오늘은 #다이어트도시락… #santatellme#drum#cover 크리스마스가 다가 오니까.⭐ 올해. Video · 저번에 먹어보구 결국 주문시킨 #웰니스키친 #다이어트 도시락 4주!

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On the January 31. they announced that the new sub-unit was called AOA Cream and that they would make their debut on 12 February. On the next day they released the teasers on their official page. The title track "I'm Jelly Baby" was composed by Black Eyed Pilseung. On March 3, Jimin made her solo debut with Call You.